The Book

Heaven and the In-Between

At an early age, author Marnie Hill was aware of the unseen worlds, and throughout her life, she has experienced spirit communication from the other side. From the time she began offering medium readings to her clients, she learned there are universal experiences regarding life after death. Some people have had the opportunity to see their loved ones after they’ve passed, while others have endured unusual paranormal experiences featuring ghosts or angelic encounters.

In Heaven and the In-Between, she narrates her experiences with spirits, being a medium, and the knowledge she’s gained throughout the years regarding life in heaven. She offers a look at the different realms within the afterlife, what happens after one dies and discusses how you can heal your soul in the living world.

For anyone who has lost a loved one, Heaven and the In-Between gives insight into what happens after death, why the dead speak and why you should listen.

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