This morning, still sleepy, I awoke with some sun peeking through the curtain, realizing I was waking up way too early. Then I thought, the one morning I can sleep in a little bit, I can’t. I know I am not alone in this frustration, but that is how life is sometimes.

One of my usual routines in the morning is to give gratitude, prayer and see if there is a message from the angels or God Himself. Today, when I asked, I heard a booming male-sounding voice say to me, out loud, Keep it simple.” No, I am not crazy that I can hear the subtle voices of the angels or the deceased loved ones. It has been happening all my life, and I have lived in a somewhat normal state, LOL! Sometimes, it’s a voice in my head, but I can hear it when the Angels want to get my attention in those shocking moments. It’s never more than a few words; it doesn’t have to be. After all, today’s message is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. So, of course, God’s angels will keep it simple.

It made so much sense as I reflected on these three words to keep it simple while I was still sleepy and the world’s noise had not indeed entered into my overall being. These messages weren’t just for me but for all of us.

The world is moving faster and faster. With the rise of AI technology, wars, and pricing rising on everything, or at least that is what someone wants you to believe, and with the fact that everyone is still terrified of COVID and feels it is still very much around, life seems to be getting complicated and more challenging, but shouldn’t it be getting better and better? With all this new technology and advancement in life, why are we still in such a flux of chaos and fear? Well, one of the main reasons is that we choose to make life more complicated. Yes, many of us do. Now some of us are forced to move along with the pack, but others are waiting on the sideline for the group to move on so they can finally walk their path free of the pain the world tried to inflict on us.

As I reflect even more on these three simple words, keep it simple, I can’t help but see the images of Jesus in my mind. Before you stop reading because I mentioned Jesus, I want to say something vital. While I might be a believer, lover, and follower of Jesus, I am not part of a religious organization that may have different messages about Jesus. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and know Jesus and His messages have always been very simple, but much of the world tries to twist His words to be more complicated. One of the messages is Love, love our sisters and brothers, and that doesn’t mean blood. It means everyone. That is such a straightforward message. While it is an easy message, it takes work to do. We live in a fallen world; darkness governs this world, while God governs the Heavens. I say heavens because that beautiful place has layers, dimensions, and floors, God did send us a messenger to help with our world, but many choose not to listen. I could keep going, but I will stop there now. But before I do, here is the channelled angel messages about Keeping it simple.

We love you, we see you, don’t worry if you can’t see us, as this is part of the divine plan. Life is full of uncomfortable moments. If it were easy, you would not learn to surrender and have faith in the powers of God. If you come closer to us and surrender to the divine light of God that loves you, you will have peace. The peace turns pain into power, hate into Love, sickness into health, frowns into smiles, and hatred into Love. It is so simple, so keep life simple and become one with God. The relationship begins with you, no one else. Just say, God, I love you, trust you, and I give my life to you. I will be in service to your light and willing to walk down the path you entrust me with, with Love—the Angels.

Now something to leave you with. Having God enter your life and living on the path of light doesn’t mean you will suddenly be healthy and wealthy; it means you will be at peace, and life will be much simpler. So, God Bless and Keep it Simple!

Marnie Hill

Your Heavenly Messenger!

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Marnie is a medium and author; her mission is to spread divine sparkles of light and light through the world. 

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