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Welcome to my blog. I have an important question I would like to share with you. If you want to listen to this episode, please click the link below on my podcast Ask a Medium. As a medium, I get many questions about living in this world and the afterlife, and I have written about it in my second book Heaven and the In-between. The dead share their lessons with me.

Today, I will answer the question,  is competition considered good or evil from the other side?

To answer this question, I’ll talk about a recent situation with a client. It is not a situation that is unusual, and I hear it all the time and see it all the time. These competitive situations that people find themselves in can be difficult. It’s difficult because these situations can become heavy on the heart and the mind and ultimately cause physical stress, leading to illness.

The trouble I will talk about with this type of competition is the fight between the light and the dark, and while some may feel a little competition is good, you will see how quickly it can turn into something, let’s say, not so good.

Competition of this type can be detrimental to the person who thinks what they are doing is OK. It doesn’t matter what industry you are working in; competition is everywhere. Let’s face it has been around since the beginning, and some competition is the darkness trying to smother the light, and that’s what I will be talking about in this blog because it plagues our world.

The darkness, which, let’s face the truth, is likely some demonic influence trying to cause discord in the world of the person experiencing this pain. The pain or competition I will discuss will challenge you in many ways. The truth is always challenging to hear. Many of us like to keep moving forward with the way things are because it is what we know, and it feels normal to us. But if we never really look at the pain other people try and put into our world, we will always ignore it. But if we ignore it, that doesn’t mean it won’t stop happening. Bringing things into others’ consciousness may get them thinking and changing their ways. I pray!

I will tell you a story, and I have complete authorization to tell this story. My reason for telling this story is that the story is the best way to answer this question, and I encourage you to read right to the end because, as you read further, you will see and understand this message more clearly.

The story.

This person arrives at my door, middle-aged, in grief, as most people who come to see me are. I pray that it eventually comes to light that seeking guidance or even talking with a deceased loved one should be a form of self-care, not something to fear. But many times, I see people at their very worst when life has knocked them down so far that they can’t seem to see how they will be able to move on.

The person in front of me was clear and utterly in distress. You could see the stress physically playing on this person for years. Behind the beautiful eyes, I could see the pain, the hurt, and I felt it. Even though they tried to diligently move through the complex challenges life had thrown at them for years, some days, it was hard to keep moving forward. But they were a fighter. You could see that too. They walked through the door with their head held high, beautiful smiles, and carried an angel’s energy. I knew this was an earth angel that booked this appointment with me. What is an earth angel? It is a soul that God has sent to remind the world of love, as He has sent many, and many declines this quest because it’s not an easy life. I know because I live this life, too, being a messenger and a sender of God’s light and love. You can deny being a messenger of love and light for a while, but the truth is that when it’s part of your path, you need to intertwine this gift in your life, and many are doing this in different forms. That’s the power of free will. And this person sitting in front of me was trying to shine their light fiercely, but differently than I do. However, a healer can detect the soul of another healer whose sole mission is to help the world because, in truth, we are here to help each other with the task of healing, not try and stop another by engaging in unhealthy competition.

When this person sat down, the angels immediately reminded me that life isn’t easy as a messenger or a carrier of God’s light. I knew that there would be lots of life lessons and learning this person would have to endure and will have to as they continue with her journey in the physical world. In this session, I wanted to make sure that this person wanted to continue living and continue on their life path, hopefully seeing the bright side and the truth of the soul and the world to help them heal in this session would help.

This person strived to be the best they could be in this world, in their profession. They followed every remedy for success to help another and did everything they could to help people. They were living the path God wanted and needed them to live.

However, you could see that the dark was trying hard to dim their light. This person had people in their industry trying to knock them down and deliberately trying to make their life complicated, and what was shocking was that it was a healing industry. Go figure.

The other people who did the same work as my client, well, they had more money and more people working on their side. No matter what this person did, they felt defeated. They felt like they were not making a difference. They felt unliked and isolated in the industry they loved. Why were they treating this person like they were? They were afraid of this person’s light. While some will say yes, that’s business, we must look closer and ask ourselves. Really? Is that business, or is that something else entirely?

It’s not business when another person does things directly to hurt you personally. It’s one thing to have more money so you can buy people and not be any better at the services the other person offers. Or to have many friends that will help you succeed, and they know they need to do mean things to shut this person out so their friend can have the high advantage. It is entirely different when someone singles you out, tries to push you off the path, and deliberately does things to cause you pain. I say it’s called bullying, an unhealthy competition that is not of God, nor of the light or even from heaven.

What others were trying to do to this soul is considered the work of evil. I was shown the darkness in our session, which was everywhere in this person’s life. It was not in them; it was around them. The other people were sending negative thoughts, energy, and even spells to try and turn this person’s world upside down, but I could see the light in their souls. And that is where the power lies. After talking and doing some soul coaching, We were able to bring out that flicker of light that was quickly dimming and brought them back to their source of power. As their ability was from the head of God, the power of the other came from the place of darkness.

While the dark seemed to be winning before they began their healing, it never really succeeded. It might take a couple of months, years or even feel like a lifetime until God intervenes and brings healing to your soul. But rest assured, the intervention will eventually happen, and the one that occurs in heaven after someone dies is not something I would want any soul to go through after they pass. So healing should be done while one is still living. 

So, as the light grew in my client, their power returned. They realized it didn’t matter how hard this other person tried to stop them. What the other person was doing was trying to prevent them from bringing their light out into the world because, on some level, the person working with the dark may not even know they are working with evil. All they know is that they want to destroy this person to have the upper hand, to win at all costs. But the question is, do they have the upper hand? Will they win? Not with this person’s soul!

A message from the Angels. While some competition is healthy, no angelic or spiritual being, including a deceased loved one or a spiritual guide, will tell you to hurt another person in the competition process or at any time. A higher level of human beings doesn’t exist in heaven. There are no winners, only survivors for the light. The only being that is all-powerful and shines fully is God, so remember that when you think you are better than another person and want to hurt them, ask yourself. Is that the work of God, or is that the work of something far more terrifying that could take your soul and keep you permanently from the light and light of God?

Message: Stay in the light! Call on God and His Angels. Give thanks for what you have and how many people you may have helped with your gifts and abilities because gratitude is your armour against evil and negative vibes. 

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God bless, Marnie

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