I have a great question I would like to share with you. Can our dog protect me from heaven, especially from energies? How can they do this if they are no longer alive?

The quick answer is yes; they can keep protecting you. Can you let me explain?

The truth of the matter is that all dogs go to heaven! Every animal that lives has a soul that belongs to God. So, whether it’s a cat, dog, or bird, if they were a part of your path, your family and their existence had a considerable impact on you or someone in your family. If they choose, they will likely come through in a reading. I have even spoken to horses. And even pet bunnies. Does that mean bees or reptiles have a soul? Well, I don’t know about that life form, but I know that pets, the animals we live with and those close to us, are just like family. There are specific animals with more intelligent personalities that we may feel comfortable saying; have a soul. For many, this can be hard to believe unless you have experiences where your family pet decides to come through in a medium reading.

However, I have found that some animals are much easier to speak with for heaven. For example, dogs seem easy to talk to, and for some reason, it feels like I know what they are thinking and feeling when they are alive. As for cats, they show their personality and give me glimpses of their world in a medium reading, but others, such as birds or other household pets, may provide an image of them to say hello to their loved ones, and that’s it. It depends on their energy that day.

If your family pet is protective of you and your family in the living world, their personality doesn’t change. They will protect you from the spirit world. And some animals are not protective of their family, which is just them or a character trait of their breed.

The question is, do we need protection? Angels can protect us from anyone in the vibrational level we call the spirit world, and there are other spirits in the etheric plane, which includes many forms of souls. The good ones, the not-so-good, and even the evil ones can hang around in this vibrational plane. As a medium, not only do I connect with the realms of heaven, but you would be surprised at what spiritual beings hang out in our earthly plain. And believe me. It is not all exciting to see all that’s out there.

So, does your family pet ward off the animals not to come near you? Yes, they will try. But most importantly, remember in a reading that they are trying to show you the similarities from when they were alive to where they are today. If there was something unique about the animal’s character, it came into the reading. The personality is brought forward and provided as a form of validation.

Validation is essential, and bringing through their personalities is even more critical. Remember, the medium doing the reading doesn’t know your family pet. If they interpret the animal’s communication correctly, it will feel like the animal is in the room with them because, in truth, they are. So, if they protected you here on earth when they were alive, you bet your booties they will try their darndest to protect you from heaven. It is just who they are.

Will you know if your family pet is protecting you? Perhaps, not. However, there are some telltale signs to keep in mind, letting you know they are visiting from heaven.

You may feel their presence, not see anything, but you know they are close. You may smell something in your world that reminds you of them. You may be thinking of them a lot, remembering, feeling emotions about the memories, and you may even see them within your mind. These are all signs that your deceased pet is nearby.
We are all psychically connected to the people we hold close to our hearts. When their soul is near, which is an energy vibration, the soul connection in your heart knows this and sends signals to the brain that they are tight. That doesn’t sound very easy to understand, but I want you to know that they see you and are well.
Family pets enjoy hanging out in the afterlife with other family members, even family members they never knew. They also find other animals like them and hang out, which looks like a place of beauty to me. No animal is ever alone in heaven. If they didn’t have a family or were neglected by family when they were alive, God’s angels always found a place for them.

Also, pets always tell me they like memories displayed of them. Put some pictures out, maybe even leave a toy around that they loved to play with when they were alive.

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God bless, Marnie

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