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Marnie Hill
BalboaPress (164 pp.)
$30.95 hardcover, $14.99 paperback, $5.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-982237-83-7
October 31, 2019


In her debut,Hill shares her experiences as a professional medium and how they’ve influenced her views on death.

Ever since she was a child, Hill says, she’s had an “empathic gift”: “I could sense evil and negative energy around people,” she writes, “along with their negative thoughts around and within them.” As an adult, she says that her work as a medium brought her into contact with many different spirits, including some that she says were “evil.” She often works with clients who’ve recently lost loved ones, which has caused her to come to some startling realizations. Almost everyone has the same strong feelings of fear and uncertainty about death, she says; sometimes this fear of the unknown can be so disruptive that it’s impossible to go about daily life. In the book, she seeks to share her many experiences as a medium to shed some light on what she sees as the reality of life after death. There’s a strong focus on the author’s Christian faith, but she’s also adamant that the point of her book isn’t specifically Christian: “I don’t consider this a sacred text or a book about Christianity. This book is about faith and about believing and allowing.” She goes into some detail about her process as a medium and goes on to discuss the dynamics of good and evil spirits and how they have communicated with her. The book also addresses heavier topics in chapters such as “Suicide and Heaven” and “Regrets From the Dead,” and readers who are especially sensitive to these emotional subjects may want to tread carefully. That said, Hill’s overall tone is warm and heartfelt throughout the work. Toward the end of the book, the narrative shifts to lessons that the author says she’s learned from her encounters with the afterlife, and they effectively touch on such notions as practicing forgiveness, living with purpose, and cultivating gratitude. In addition to sharing some of her client’s stories, Hill openly relates her own personal struggles during her spiritual journey.

An often moving work on death and dying for fellow spiritual seekers.

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