How do your loved ones know you are coming in for a medium reading?

Frequently I am asked this question. There are a couple of things to remember. First, even though your loved ones are in heaven, they seem to visit you more than just occasionally. However, your guardian angel is always with you. Right from birth until death, you have an angel watching over you. Some people have one, while other people have two. God has appointed your guardian angels to you. Their job is to protect your soul while not interfering too much with your life. They ensure you follow through with living your life’s purpose while maintaining free will, as free will is essential to your soul’s growth.

I can see that their job must be a difficult one. Meaning your guardian angels or spiritual guides in the unseen world can’t persuade you to take another route in life if you decide to stay on the one you are on. However, divine intervention is possible to help you along your way. And they send signs or signals, letting you know they are so very near to let you know you are not alone. Your angels know what you will do or do in life. Your angel is directly linked to God and the afterlife; they can communicate with other angels in heaven, too. If your loved ones don’t know you are coming in for a reading, they soon will; the angels will ensure that. You have many of God’s angels watching over you.

Sometimes I have a deceased loved one show up a couple of hours before a medium reading with me. They have stepped into our physical world for hours and sometimes days before they are to arrive for a session. They arrive early to see what you are doing and to prepare themselves for their spiritual communication with me. Now, sometimes they don’t arrive early, and they show up when I open the door to heaven. Do my angels know your angels? Of course, they do! In heaven, we are all one. Making sure you heal and grow in the physical world is essential to the angels and your deceased loved ones.

Stay well, and until next time, God Bless!

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